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FERRIER: Birthday Party FAQs

Q: What are your birthday party days/time slots?

A: All parties are 2 hour events










*If you are interested in hosting a party in a time slot that is not one of the existing ones, call or email us to discuss! We can usually find a solution!*

Q: What ages are the parties good for?

A: We are excellent for kid’s ages 0-9. We have many different packages to accommodate children at different ages. The 7:30-9:30pm slot would be geared towards kids 8+. Please see our Birthday Party Packages Page for more details

Q: Are the parties private?

A: Yes they are

Q: Can I have more time?

A: You may pay for an additional time for our 4:30-6:30pm parties on Sundays, sometimes the Saturday ones depending on if we have a 7:30pm booking. You can pay $75 per half hour added on. We cannot adjust any of the other times without affecting all the other parties of that day negatively.

Q: Where are we located?

A: We are located at 5255 Ferrier between Decarie and Mountian sites. We are on the third floor.

Q: Do you have an elevator?

No, we do not currently have an elevator. We are aware that this is inconvenient, as we ourselves have small children and elderly grandparents. We wish that we did have one and hope to be able to build one in the future to accommodate all our clients’ needs.

Q: What time can I come and setup?

A: Half an hour prior to the start time of the event

Q: Can I come setup before 30 minutes before the event

A: No, after each party we have a thorough cleaning process and we want to make sure every client gets a fresh and clean room for their party. We also give the previous party time to pack up their things and say goodbye to their guests.

Q: Do I have to leave right away at the end time, how does this work?

A: We need to tear down, clean and reset the food room first. We do our best not to rush people out, but need the host to help us with that as we never want to appear to be rude. We have the next party to respect as well. Ideally if you can clear out of the food room first, you can buy a couple extra minutes of the kids running around the gym. If the timing of the party is done well this all happens quite naturally.

Q: Is the Tumbletrak included? (what is the tumbletrak?)

A: The Tumbletrak is included in some of our packages as specified, otherwise it is not. We charge $50 to add it on. The Tumbletrak is a huge rectangular inflatable mattress trampoline (for lack of a more eloquent description!).

Q: Are there any inflatables included?

A: Inflatables are included in some of our packages as specified, otherwise they are not. We have 4 of them, and they cost $150 to add on, this price includes an animator specifically to manage traffic and safety on it.

Q: Is tableware included?

A: No it is not included in our packages, however we have various options for tableware as an Add On (please see our website for details)

Q: What type of tableware is included in the tableware Add on?

A: Plain colored tableware is offered in various colors. Colors can be mixed and matched. This tableware is not themed, we also offer Themed Tableware add ons, please make sure to allow extra time if this is desired as we might need to custom order it!

Q: How many tablecloths should I bring?

A: 6-8 rectangular ones depending on the number of kids!

Q: Are decorations included?

A: No, included in our tableware add ons are a banner and some hanging decor (we do not do balloons)

Q: Can I have a piñata?

A: There are Pinatas that exist that have pull strings to get to the candy, as opposed to having to hit it with a stick in order to get the candy. The string ones are permitted, the other ones are NOT.

Q: Can I bring my own food?

A: Yes! Please note that we are a nut free facility. We rely on our clients cooperation to relay this to their guests. Failure to comply with this rule may result in additional cleaning fees.

Q: Do you have a fridge/freezer?

A: Yes, both! With lots of height for tall, elaborate cakes.

Q: Can I add animators?

A: Always! Our packages are all based on 16 children, we charge additional fees per child over 16, this fee mostly accounts for us adding animators. You can always choose to add more regardless of numbers for $45 per additional animator for the duration of the party.

Q: What do the animators do?

A: Our animators are awesome! (yes we are bias!) Our animators do different things depending on the package that you choose. Generally speaking they will engage with the kids, play games with them (tag, light sports, lead them through the circuit etc), and oversee general safety. It is important to note that they are not expected to be the sole supervisors of the kids nor are they expected to create structured activity if the party package does not include it.

Q: Do I have to cleanup?

A: You are responsible to clean up what you have brought in (decorations, food, associated packaging etc), we take care of all of the big stuff (mopping, wiping down tables, emptying garbage etc)

Q: Do you clean in between parties?

A: Yes we do, we do a thorough clean between all parties. This includes, sweeping, mopping and disinfecting the eating room, gym and bathroom.

Q: Can I wear my shoes inside?

A: We do not allow any shoes inside the gym. Indoor shoes are permitted in the eating room and bathroom. We rely on our clients cooperation to relay this to their guests. Failure to comply with this rule may result in additional cleaning fees.

Q: Can we eat in the gym

A: No, there is absolutely no food, water, bottles, milk, coffee of any kind allowed in the gym. We rely on our clients cooperation to relay this to their guests. Failure to comply with this rule may result in additional cleaning fees.

Q: Where are we allowed to park?

A: We have parking spots in the back of the building marked “Le REC Room”, you can always park here. There is also street parking. On the weekends ONLY you can also park in the parking spots alongside and behind the building that are marked “RD International” and “Delmar”. During the week, during working hours, the spots marked “RD International” and “Delmar” are absolutely prohibited. Parking here may result in your car getting towed and we have no control over this. 

Q: Can I come see the space before I book

A: Absolutely, please call us for an appointment

Q: How do I confirm a date?

A: To confirm a date and time we take a $100 non refundable deposit.

Q: When do I pay the balance?

A: On the day of the event.

Q: How many kids can I have?

A: Our packages are based on 16 children (including the birthday child), we charge an additional per child fee for each child over 16 children (price varies dependent on the package chosen)

Q: What is the maximum number of kids I can have?

A: 40 kids

Q: At what age does a child count as a guest?

A: Any child over 12 months (1 years old)

Q: I have older kids, do they count?

A: Yes up to age 12

 Q: How much does it cost per adult?

A: We do not charge for adults.

Q: When should we serve food? Cake? Loot Bags etc (aka what should the schedule be?)

A: The best thing to do so that no one feels rushed is to do things earlier then you might think. We have found the best structure is as follows:

1st 15 mins – Kids arrive & Free Play

Next 45 mins- If there is a structured activity it would happen here

1 hour into party- Have Pizza/Food delivered if relevant

1hr 15 mins into party- Serve “meal”*

*If your party has a TON of kids (ex: 30-40) serve food the whole time and do not expect to stop the party for a sit down meal. Let the kids run in and out, and only stop for cake when its time. This creates much less chaos!

1.5hrs into party- Serve Cake & Put out Loot bags

If you aim for this schedule there will be plenty of time for everything with no rush. People will naturally start to try to leave after cake happens, and it will still leave plenty of time for the kids to continue to run around some more, and when the 2 hour mark rolls around they will actually be ready to go J

Things to bring:

– Tableware (plates, napkins, tablecloths, cutlery, cups)
– Décor Items (balloons, banners, Centerpieces etc..)
– Cake Server
– Candles
– Serving Platters and chip bowls if require a specific color or theme
– Tupperware or containers for leftovers