Mini REC Classes!






All Mini REC class registration should be done through here: Cote Saint Luc Aquatic Center.  


Parent & Tot
REC Stars/Mini Stars
Kids are stars…this is their stage! Step into the shoes (or leather boots) of a rock star!

Your children will be transformed into what is like to be a rock star.  We will listen to classic rock n roll while Moving like Jagger, dancing like Tina Turner, strumming our air guitar while duck walking like Chuck Berry while forming a Mini REC air band! We will be in the spot light (hula hoops) while learning to jump like van Halen, run up the stage ramp and into the crowd (ball pit) all while listening to great rock music!

We will get a “Roadie Workout” by moving gear around the stage (soft blocks as instruments, amps, speakers). Roadies will have to run through the catwalks (tunnels, mazes) to make sure instruments are set up properly.

In this class children will get a great body movement work out, while learning about music recognition, coulours, shapes, body movement, balance, motor skills, directional movement, social interaction, and working as a team.

All this will lead up to our end of session air band show, in which we will get ready in our mini dressing room then onto the stage that was set up by our roadie work out crew and perform under cool lights, bubble machines, awesome stage presence and crowd diving into the ball pit.  This class is not to be missed!!!

*NEW* Mom & Baby Movement
This class is to get moms moving with their new(ish) babies. The class incorporates the essence of yoga, dance, stretching, massage and relaxation, for a full spectrum body movement class to ensure that both you and your baby have a wonderful experience together. These 45 minutes are dedicated to and focused on the two of you, take that time for yourselves, you won’t be sorry that you did!
Baby Gym


Each day a baby discovers something new about their body. Baby Gym helps grown ups learn how to support and encourage babies on this road to discovery. We will work their little muscles to the bone using cheese mats, balls, tunnels, slides, & scarves as they learn to sit, crawl, stand & cruise! There’s never a shortage of fun as each class includes games, bubbles & music to ensure everyone leaves with a smile!





Mini Gym

These classes are designed to promote healthy development, as well as to provide a special bonding time between parent and child during which they will strengthen confidence in themselves and each other. Curious kids navigate challenging obstacle courses, knock down mats, refine both fine and gross motor skills, and learn balance, strength and coordination which enables them to run, dance, role and work on some beginner acrobatics in this awesome class that will leave them smiling from ear to ear!


Mini FUN-Damentals

Mini /FUN-Damentals teaches the fundamental skills required to be athletic in life—athletic meaning to walk, balance, carry; everyday physical skills using games & of course: FUN! The class incorporates music, sports, hoops, balloons, colors, bubbles, balls and mini nets.
The focus is on all of (& more) of the following through a wide variety of sports drills and obstacle courses:
– Athletic development and movement.
– Balance and hand, eye, foot coordination
– Spatial awareness & reaction time
– Decision making
– Team work  & Following directions


REC & Roll!!!

A fun and lighthearted introductory music class for young children and their parents will help to develop listening skills, basic rhythm, and a general love and appreciation of music!  Songs and activities are aimed at developing motor functions, language, understanding of emotions, recognition of pitch, and strive to foster a sense of community through shared song. Children will get hands-on experience using drums, shakers, tambourines, and even getting up to dance and play! Instructed by classically trained musicians with years of experience in childcare, activities are led through a combination of singing and instruments such as Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, and even occasionally, the harp!


Mom & Tot Playtime

Bring your little one to a fun filled morning full of play, art, & music. Meet other parents, and some new pals for your munchkin! The playgroup will host various activities each week for you to enjoy engaging in with your child. This program challenges the older end of the age group and exposes the younger ones to activity, people, and the freedom to explore-  there’s something for everyone in this activity!


Mom & Me Yoga
For the mom looking to meet other moms, get in a good yoga class for themselves and their babies! Enjoy this 45 minute class and come out having made new friends, refreshed physically and likely with a baby ready for a nap!



Baby Moves


Warm up those bodies and instil an early love of dance, movement, and music with our Baby Moves class! Children will explore upbeat music and simple movements to help promote their imagination, gross motor skill development, and social skills using props, instruments, bubbles and their bodies. Grab your child and get ready to move to the beat!



Mini Moves

Grab your mini and get ready to move! Instil an early love of dance, movement, and music with our Mini Moves class! Children will explore upbeat music, simple choreography, following songs and props to help promote their imagination, gross motor skill development, and social skills using props, instruments, bubbles, and their bodies. Kids will have a blast dancing their hearts out in this dance party of a class!




Art & Play

This is a “Free to Smear & Explore Zone” so dress to get messy! Kids are free to explore artistic possibilities in our sensory play bins, giant chalk board, painting and various creative directed art activities. Weekly themes inspire new ideas as kids get to experiment with a variety of materials that include paints, doughs, crayons, chalk, collage etc. Get ready for a messy good time! Each week will result in a new masterpiece to add to your refrigerator gallery!


Drop Off Classes
*NEW* Chorus Line Drama Time!
This class merges two amazing pieces of performing arts; drama & music! In this Drama meets Glee themed class the children will experience an introduction to drama class (exploration of emotions, playful games, and the creation of adventures) as well as an introduction to the now famous Glee concept of musical theatre (singing, dancing & components of storytelling while doing both. Guided by instructors and fuelled by the imagination of the class, we embark on active games and exercises which will develop confidence, & self expression. The program concludes with a mini show where parents and siblings are welcome to come, experience the growth of the group and join in the fun!
Come and try out all of the science experiments you have been desperate to explore but your parents wouldn’t let you in your own house! An awesome science class where the Mini REC will become your own little laboratory for you to experiment with and create your own hands on potions in order to learn amazing science concepts!
REC Chefs
We believe in teaching them young! Kids are naturally inquisitive in the kitchen and this class is dedicated to offering them safe, age appropriate, cooking exploration. Under the careful eye of the instructor, the kids will get to learn how to make some basic dishes, and some more elaborate ones. They will touch upon components of science, health, nutrition, hygiene & even art throughout the program as we discuss how to make the dishes, what is going into each of them and why, logical order of operations for making them, how to keep everything clean and hygienic, & decorate and or/present them each carefully!  Before you know it you will have your own little sous-chef at home helping you out in the kitchen- and we promise to teach them how to clean up their mess!


Art Adventure
Art Adventure is the older sibling to Art & Play, this art class caters towards slightly older children who are ready to delve deeper into various art concepts and create more in depth projects. Children will touch upon many different concepts, will begin to grow their artistic scope and portfolio and will end the session with a beautiful vernissage to show off the fruits of their labor!
All Sorts Of Sports!


Let’s Welcome Coach Pickle Juice to the ACC!!

Coach Jeremy Rubin has conceptualized another amazing class that offer an introduction to sports and sports specific movements. Skills, drills, mini games are all part of the menu, you don’t want to miss it!



Zumba Bootcamp for Kids
Zumba  Bootcamp for Kids classes feature kid-friendly routines using their favorite music!  The class breaks down the steps, uses games, & activities to make fitness FUN! Each class finds ways to incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, cultural awareness. This class incorporates fitness as well as dance components to make sure that your child will break a sweat, & have a blast







For children newborn to age 5. Play freely and safely with your little ones. Check back often for  “pop up” themes and special surprises- follow our social media pages for hints! Open Play is an unsupervised program; children must be accompanied by an adult all times. Program takes place at the ACC, Mini REC Room (playroom side).

PRICING STRUCTURE:Pay as you go: $10 (R), $12 (NR) for the 1st child, $5 (R), $6 (NR) for the 2nd sibling and $2.50 for each additional sibling.

*Please note that the Mini REC has a capacity that must be respected, this will be managed by the onsite Mini REC manager at each Open Play.*

*Please note that there may be an occasional cancellation or adjustment of schedule, feel free to contact us at to verify for the most up to date information!*





The dance program that we are offering  is  a full year program, enabling real growth in dancer development and camaraderie amongst the participants.

There is a dance showcase for all classes at the end of the session so our dancers can showcase all of their amazing hard work!

Dance classes take place in the Multipurpose Room at the ACC

Please Note:

All of the dance classes are DROP OFF CLASSES with the exception of Parent & Me Ballet.

Due to the restrictions of the building, parents are not permitted to watch the classes from the window in the hallway.

We appreciate your understanding and support in helping us set the children up for success in the programs we are offering and cannot wait for you to see their amazing evolution in the showcase at the end of the dance year!



Ballet is offered for children 2-6 years of age. The younger classes playfully introduce the basic positions and movements of ballet using music, props, and games and in the older classes our

Prima ballerinas will learn new ballet skills and concepts, and improve their balance, rhythm, and flexibility as they pirouette and plié back into your arms at the end of class!

We offer:

Parent & Me Ballet as well as Ballet On My Own for kids 2-3 years old. All of the other Ballet Classes are strictly drop off.

Hip Hop

Break out the hits! This class will use new and “Old School” hits to encourage your child to grow into their own personal style! Their love of dance will shine through as they grow and learn new steps and choreography. Classic games like freeze dance are also a MUST in these high energy classes for the little ones in your life!


Acro Dance

Acro Dance seamlessly fuses contemporary dance with gymnastics. This class builds teamwork abilities through collaborative skills and group choreography. The kids will work use on their strength to build towards using it to execute gymnastics skills which will focus on basic tumbling, stationary flexibility, postures and jumps. This class takes dance and gymnastics to the next level!


There are two levels of this class being offered Level 1 & 2

The first week of class each session will be an “Assessment Class”, you bring your child to the day/time that you think they would be best suited for. They will go through an entire 45 minute class, with the instructors working on specific things in order to assess their level and potential. After the assessment

Broadway Jazz
Broadway dance is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern dance. The use of games, imagery and group collaborations will help promote self-confidence. Children will have an amazing time learning new skills.
Release your inner ninja in Gymkata! These classes will introduce children to Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling and Gymnastics. The program will give them enough exposure to figure out what they love best (or if it is all of them!). Classes are taught using various techniques to engage the children, teach discipline, focus and accountability, all while working up a sweat and having a blast! Children will receive participation stripes at the end of each class, and will move up belt levels as they improve!

All Gymkata Classes are DROP OFF CLASSES, this means that children are to be dropped off in the class and the parents can either leave and come back, or wait in the atrium of the building. Parents are not permitted to stay in the hallway and try to watch the class through the window. Please feel free to contact us with any questions anytime!



**Specialty Programs**
PED Day Programs & Spring Break Camp


PED Days & Spring Break Camp

Is your chld’s school closed, but you still have to go to work?!

Mini REC by Le REC Room is so excited to continue to offer PED Day programs & March Break Camp for Children Kindergarten- Grade 2 . The kids will arrive and be greeted by our engaging group of Camp Counsellors! Le REC Room camp gives elementary school children a little taste of camp life in the middle of the year. They will spend the day engaged in various structured activities involving things such as sports, art, dance, outdoor play, tumbling, and other camp style activities such as relay races, & theme days . The ACC has amazing facilities to take advantage of such as a huge indoor gymnasium and awesome outdoor park. The day will be a great balance of working the body and the mind!

Ages: Kindergarten to Grade 4

Hours: 8-4pm

Rates:  $45 per day