Q: What are your Mini REC birthday party days/time slots?


A: All parties are 2 hour events


Parties for Kids 0-3yrs (Upstairs in Mini REC):


Saturdays: 4-6pm


Sundays:  10-12pm






Parties for Kids 3-6yrs (Downstairs using ½ gym & Activity Room)


Sundays 10:30-12:30 




Saturday gym availability varies per session, please check our availability online to see what’s available.


Q: Are the parties private?


A: Yes they are, in the gym downstairs we get half the gym though so it is possible that the other side will be in use by another event or class. 


 Q: Can I have more time?


A: You may pay for additional time for some of the time slots. Our first party upstairs on Sundays could start earlier, our last party upstairs on Saturday or Sunday could end later. Our gym parties downstairs cannot be adjusted time wise as the gym is in use before and after by other programs. Additional time is $75 per additional half hour.


Q: Where are we located?


A: We are located inside the Cote Saint Luc aquatic center at 5794 Avenue Parkhaven, Côte Saint-Luc, QC H4W 0A4. The Mini REC is upstairs on the second floor, the parties for kids 3-6yrs are in the gym and activity room downstairs on the main floor.


Q: Is there parking?


A: Yes! You may park in the lot outside, across the street and on the side of the building!


 Q: Do you have an elevator?


A: YES!!!!


Q: What time can I come and setup?


A: Half an hour prior to the start time of the event.


Q: Can I have more then 30 minutes before the event


A: Unfortunately not. We have only 60  minutes between each party to help the last client pack up, to clean up, and help you set up!


Q: Do I have to leave right away at the end time, how does this work?


A: We have an hour between parties, we DO need you to be completely out of the food side of the spaces at the end of the 2 hours. The gym parts can have a few minutes of buffer time, but not much. We need to ensure that everything is cleaned and reset for the next party and that client will also be arriving at the moment the party prior to it ends. So respectfully, yes, please be ready to leave by the end of the 2 hours.


Q: When I arrive on the day of my party where do I go?


A: If your party is downstairs in the Gym (3-6yrs olds) then when you arrive you can go to the gym and your party manager will  greet you.


If your party is upstairs you can bring your things upstairs directly to the Mini REC.


Q: What is included in every party?




All Mini REC 0-3yrs party packages include:


  • Unlimited play in the playroom, 2 animators, up to 16 kids, a personalized Happy Birthday on the chalkboard, & a separate eating area 


All Mini REC Gym & Activity Room 3-6yrs party packages include:


  • 2 hours of birthday party fun for 16 kids (space can accommodate up 30 kids for an additional fee per child), ½ gym, 1 staff member & the activity room for eating.


Please note: These are what is included in the most basic of our packages! We offer many many additional packages, and can create custom packages, so the sky is the limit! Maybe you will help us create a new one that we add to our regular roster!


Q: Is tableware included?


A: No it is not included in our packages, however we do sell Party Kits that you can purchase additionally.


Q: How many tablecloths should I bring?




Upstairs: 5-6 rectangular


Downstairs: 6-8 Rectangular


Q: Are decorations included?


A:  No


Q: What kind of decorations can we put up?


A: The ceilings are very high, so we suggest things for the tables and balloons that can easily be placed on top of things or outside doors, nothing that hangs will be easy to put up. If you want to hang anything it must be stuck to the wall with sticky tac, not tape!


Q: Can I have a piñata?


A: There are Pinatas that exist that have pull strings to get to the candy, as opposed to having to hit it with a stick in order to get the candy. The string ones are permitted, the other ones are NOT. However the ceilings are very high and there will not be any way to hang them from a ceiling, so you would need to bring a broom handle to tie it to that two people hold.


Q: Can I bring my own food?


A: Yes!


Q: Do you have a fridge/freezer/warming devices/ etc?


A: We have access to a freezer if absolutely necessary, otherwise no.

Q: Can I add animators?


A: Always! Our packages are all based on 16 children, we charge additional fees per child over 16, this fee mostly accounts for us adding animators. You can always choose to add more regardless of numbers for $45.


Q: What do the animators do?


A: Our animators are awesome! (yes we are bias!) Our animators do different things depending on the package that you choose. Generally speaking they will engage with the kids, play games with them, and oversee general safety. It is important to note that they are not expected to be the sole supervisors of the kids.


Q: Do I have to cleanup?


A: You are responsible to clean up what you have brought in (decorations, food, associated packaging etc), we take care of all of the big stuff (mopping, wiping down tables, emptying garbage etc)


Q: Do you clean in between parties?


A: Yes we do, we do a thorough clean between all parties.


Q: Can I wear my shoes inside?


A: NO. 


We do not allow any shoes upstairs inside the Mini REC AT ALL .


 Yes, this includes elderly people, decorative shoes for babies who do not walk, & indoor shoes it includes EVERYBODY.


Please understand that we do our best to ensure your babies can sit and roll around on our floors in a hygenic environment. In order to uphold this we stand 100% firm to our NO SHOE policy.


Please advise your guests accordingly prior to the party. They are welcome to bring slippers if absolutely necessary.


Downstairs indoor shoes are obligatory.


Q: Can we eat in the gym




Q: Can I come see the space before I book


A: Absolutely, please call us for an appointment.


Q: How do I confirm a date?


A: To confirm a date and time we take a $100 non refundable deposit.


Q: When do I pay the balance?


A: We will charge the balance of the event the week prior to the party. If you have additional kids that amount will be charged on your card the Monday after the party.


Q: How many kids can I have?


A: Our packages are based on 16 children (including the birthday child). For the MINI REC parties upstairs we can have a maximum of 20 children, downstairs we can have up to 30 children & we charge an additional per child fee for each child over 16 children (price varies dependent on the package chosen). We count the children on the day of the party and charge the additional children the Monday after, you will never be charged for children who don’t show up.


Q: At what age does a child count as a guest? Up until what age do they count?


A: For the Mini REC Upstairs parties any child 6 months- 6 years count as a guest. For the Mini REC downstairs parties, any child 12 months-12 years old count.


Q: How much does it cost per adult?


A: We do not charge for adults.


 Q: Can we bring in outside suppliers for programs (ex: face paint, music, etc)?


A: Generally yes, however, we ask 2 things:


  • If this is something that we supply already we ask that you give us the opportunity to give you options for it as well.
  • Please let us know so that we can prepare accordingly. The way we guide you re time at a party is very different if it is a free play party, or if there is an activity. The way we setup changes if we know that you need space to have a music class.


Q: When should we serve food? Cake? Loot Bags etc (aka what should the schedule be?)


A: The best thing to do so that no one feels rushed is to do things earlier then you might think. We have found the best structure is as follows:


1st 15 mins – Kids arrive & Free Play


Next 30-45 mins- If there is a structured activity it would happen here


1 hour into party- Serve Meal followed by Cake (have pizza or food deliveries scheduled 15 mins prior)


*If your party has a TON of kids (ex: 30)) serve food the whole time and do not expect to stop the party for a sit down meal. Let the kids run in and out, and only stop for cake when its time. This creates much less chaos!


1.5hrs into party- Put out Loot Bags


Last half hour: Kids continue to play, while you clean up food and we clean up food room.


If you aim for this schedule there will be plenty of time for everything with no rush. People will naturally start to try to leave after cake happens, and it will still leave plenty of time for the kids to continue to run around some more, and when the 2 hour mark rolls around they will actually be ready to go J


Things to bring:


– Tableware (plates, napkins, tablecloths, cutlery, cups)


– Décor Items (balloons, Centerpieces etc..)


– Cake Server


– Candles


– Lighter/Matches


– Serving Platters and chip bowls, serving utensils


– Tupperware or containers for leftovers