Terms & Conditions for Classes/Camps:
Registration: All parents must accept our terms and conditions. 
Payment in full is required before the first class of the session/camp. 
Refunds: We do not issue refunds, if there is an issue or concern please come talk to us 
and we will try to rectify the situation as best possible. We do not refund for missed classes. 
We can offer a credit for one day of missed camp.  
All NSF Cheques are subject to a $25 admin fee. 
Clothing: Please dress your child in comfortable clothing for the class/program. Please be aware
that children can get messy while taking an art class, please dress accordingly. 
There are no shoes allowed in the gym, socks or bare feet are welcome for all children and parents. 
Shoes, socks, & jackets should be placed on the hooks and cubbies near the reception; 
we are not responsible for lost or stolen goods.
Safety: Parents and or guardians are required to participate in classes with children 
under 3 years old. We ask that parents and guardians stay with these children at all times.
Please report any unsafe conditions or behaviour to the staff. 
If your child is playing in a manner that we deem to be unsafe, we have the right to ask you 
to leave the facility. 
Food: No food or drink is allowed in the gym or art room. NO NUTS ARE PERMITTED IN OUR SPACE AT ALL. 
No Gym Chewing allowed in the gym or art room or at camps. 
Le R.E.C. Room is a strictly NUT FREE SPACE. 
Schedules: Class and open gym schedules are subject to change. 
A class can be cancelled due to low enrolment. 
Illness: Please do not bring your child to a class or camp when they are sick. 
Please lets be respectful to other children and their parents. 
Makeups: Please note that is not always possible to make up a missed class. 
If it is not possible, we would be happy to give you ONE free open play pass. 
Please note that we can only give ONE free open play pass per semester, 
even if you child has missed more than one class. 
Siblings: We cannot accommodate siblings that are not registered in the class. 
Parent may bring an infant who remains in a car seat or baby carrier. 
Compréhension des risques et exonération des responsabilités. 
Je comprends qu’il peut y avoir quelques risques associés à la participation à la gymnastique, 
activités sportives ou jeux libres et je consens à renoncer à toutes réclamations de responsabilité, 
à libérer le r.e.c room au cas où une blessure arriverait à mon enfant.Autorisation d’assistance 
médicaleDans le cas où une blessure arriverait à mon enfant alors que le contact 
avec les parents ou tuteurs légaux est impossible, je donne la permission au r.e.c room et à 
ses employés de donner les soins appropriés à mon enfant. 
Acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liabilityI understand that there may be some risk of injury
associated with the participation in gymnastics, sports or free play activities; 
and I agree to waive any and all claims of liability, release and hold harmless 
le r.e.c room in the event that such an injury may occur to my child. 
Authorization to seek medical attentionIn the event of accident or injury, when parent, 
legal guardian or emergency contact are not available, I give permission to le r.e.c room 
and its employees to procure medical attention. 
Photo Consent / Formulaire de consentement à l’utilisation de photoI hereby authorize 
Le R.E.C. Room, which includes its representatives and employees, the right to take photographs 
of us/me, the parents, and our children, which may be used publicly by the company. 
This authorization encompasses use of the said photographs, with or without mention of names, 
by Le R.E.C. Room for such purposes as: publicity, illustrations and web content, 
whether in print or electronically. Formulaire de consentement à l’utilisation de photoPar 
la présente j’autorise Le R.E.C. Room, qui inclus ses représentants et employés, 
le droit de prendre des photographes de nous/moi, les parents, et nos enfants, 
qui pourrait être utilisées publiquement par la compagnie.
Cette autorisation englobe l’utilisation des dites photographes, avec ou sans mention de noms, 
par Le R.E.C. Room à des fins tel que : la publicité, des illustrations et contenu web, 
sous forme électronique ou imprimée.