Kids' Programs

Check out the full descriptions of our amazing programs!


Open Play (0-6 years)

Open Play is just that: OPEN PLAY! Bring your child to come and play freely in our amazing 5000 sq. ft facility! Bring a lunch and snacks and pause to eat in our food room and then continue playing!

Please take note that Open Play is an UNSUPERVISED program, we do not provide animators, and children must be accompanied by an adult to supervise them at all times!


1st Child = $10

2nd child/sibling= $5

All additional siblings= $2.50

*All children must reside under the same address to receive reduced per child rates*

Superhero Adventure Training (3.5-6yrs)

Costumes and capes encouraged and recommended…seriously! Kids will transform from their everyday selves and dress up as their favourite super heroes or create their own costumes and persona as they embark on adventures while swinging, jumping, rolling, climbing, moving and problem solving their way to becoming their own version of a mini super hero! They will realize they do have some amazing powers!!! We will work to help kids step outside their comfort zones and evolve!

S.A.F.E. (Street Arts for Kids) an Adam Clarke Original Program

Adam has developed a successful therapeutic music program which was taught at Bastshaw Youth and Family Centres. At this time he linked up and learned new approaches to playing by being part of the Social Circus program. This gave new insight to learning how to Play, not only instruments but other street art skills such as circus arts and sports. During the 10 years at Batshaw, Adam  has developed a unique approach to learning how to play by using the SAFE method which includes finding and recognizing your true state of playing. (The Zone).

If you are looking to learn how to play, Adam  will be able to use your passion as the driving force for success. This unique way of teaching is for everybody, (youth, teens, and adults) and will promote, maintain, and restore mental, physical, and emotional health.

Adam is a rare find, the kids love him and gravitate to him so naturally, it is amazing to see. Le REC Room is so excited, and proud to add him to our team- don’t miss out on this amazing program!!!


(There are FUN-Damentals classes for kids as young as 10 months up to 5 yrs old)

Mini/FUN-Damentals works on developing kids motor and cognitive skills as well as socialization through a structured, age appropriate, staircase progression technique. The class incorporates music, sports, hoops, balloons, colors, bubbles, balls and mini nets.
The focus is on all of (& more) of the following through a wide variety of sports drills and obstacle courses:

  • Athletic development and movement.
  • Balance and hand, eye, foot coordination
  • Spatial awareness & reaction time
  • Decision making and reaction time
  • Team work -Following directions
Music & Stories with La La Lesley!

With over fifteen years as a preschool educator, Lesley Sherman aka “La La Lesley”  understands how important music and storytelling are to young children’s growth and development.
Successful experiences in music help all children bond emotionally and intellectually with others; through creative expression in song and rhythmic movement.
Effective storytelling improves language skills, memory and develops children’s imaginations and creative thinking.
These two ideas merge in an amazing 30 minute class that is interactive, full of music, storytelling and visuals geared to captivate young minds.

Classes are for kids 4-12 months & 12-36 months

Le REC Room will be Open for Free Play for Music Class participants only from 10am-12pm allowing the participants to play either before or after their amazing music class in our classroom!

Mini Gym

These classes are designed to promote healthy development, as well as to provide a special bonding time between parent and child during which they will strengthen confidence in themselves and each other. Curious kids navigate challenging obstacle courses, knock down mats, refine both fine and gross motor skills, and learn balance, strength and coordination which enables them to run, dance, role and work on some beginner acrobatics in this awesome class that will leave them smiling from ear to ear!


An energetic, 45 minute class where children will learn introductory-level gymnastics skills on the uneven bars, balance beam and padded floor! This class will also aim to improve cardio, flexibility and strength, all while keeping a dynamic atmosphere!

Offered for kids: 1-2 yrs, 2-3 yrs, 3-4 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 4-6  yrs and 6-7 years old


Class Pricing


  • Session Pricing (applicable to 1 specific class for 1 specific child) = $16.50 per class + taxes= Fall & Winter 2017/18  is 10 Weeks so $165 per session plus taxes
  • Class Packs (applicable to any kids class* for any child within the same family & expire after 6 months)
    • 5 Class Pack= $90+ tax= $103.48
    • 10 Class Pack= $170+tax= $195.46
  • Drop In Class= $20+ tax= $23


Open Play Pricing


  • Drop In = 1st Child $10+tx, Sibling $5+tx, Additional siblings $2.50 +tx each (children must reside at same home address)
  • Open Play Packs
    • 5 Open Play Pack= $45+ tax= $51.74
    • 10 Open Play Pack= $90+ tax= $103.48


Day Camps

Le REC Room Ferrier Location offers amazing Day Camp opportunities for the little ones!

Our camps involve full fun filled structured days that start with Open Play & open art, & continue with gym and classroom activities such as FUN Damentals, Superhero Training, Gymnastics, Dance, Music, Art & Science

Every camp is sure to have 1-3 theme days and will always exercise the body and mind. Our campers will go home excitedly awaiting the next day of camp to come and are sure to fill up your fridge with all their amazing art projects!

We pride ourselves on their health and safety and have regular washups and cleaning, as well as a ratio of 1 staff for every 5 kids.

2017/18 Info, Rates & Dates:

Age: 3-6 (Jr. Pre-K-K)

Hours: 9-3pm

Rate:  $45+ tax per day

Additional Options: Early drop off 8:30am + $5, Late Pick up 4pm + $7.50, Take them both for $10

*Food  (Lunch & 2 snacks packaged separately), Water Bottle & Change of clothes should be provided & be clearly labelled.*

2017/2018 DATES:

Tuesday December 26-Friday December 29, 2017
Tuesday January 2-Friday January 5, 2017
Monday Febuary 19- Friday Febuary 23, 2018
Monday April 2 to Friday April 6, 2018
Welcome to Fall Event

2017 DATE & TIME: September 3, 2017, 10:30am-12:30pm 

RATE: $10 per child, No charge for adults

This amazing annual event is a great morning activity for the kids as well as an excellent way for you to get to know US!

This event consists of Open Play, an Art Activity, animators to help oversee the safety of the kids (hand in hand with you), light snacks, drinks and coffee to purchase, and live demos of some of our awesome Fall & Winter programming!

Pssst!! You can be pretty sure that there will be special FLASH SALES AVAILABLE ON SITE ONLY at this event!


Holiday Sale

DATE: December 3, 2017, 10-12:30pm

RATE: $10 per child, includes 2 adults, $2.50 per additional adult

This event is the BEST (if we do say so ourselves!)

We have so many wonderful clients who need to get their holiday shopping done but can’t, or don’t want to be without their children in order to do so! We also have amazing clients. friends. acquaintances who sell amazing products that would make great gifts, for others, for yourselves, for your kids!

Our idea was to put the two together! Create an event where you can bring you kids to play, while you shop!

We will have Open Play, animators and art activities for the kids, and awesome vendors for you! Food, snacks, drinks and coffee for all to purchase to boot!

Bring the kids and come enjoy!

*If you, or anyone you know, seems like they would be a good fit as a vendor, email us at for more info!*