About Le R.E.C. Room

Le R.E.C Room is a multipurpose facility rooted in the following philosophy; every family can easily build a lifestyle that integrates physical and mental health as second nature. We are of the belief that it is exciting to challenge ones’ self mentally and physically and we are here to make it easy to do so. We offer programming that is unique and takes into account the day to day function of a family. Our schedule facilitates their ability to be involved without making the coordination of it difficult, in that a parent and child can easily have classes together, or separately at the same time, within the same facility. We offer everything from one on one training, group fitness classes of all styles, to specialized art programs, as well as various physical and mental programs for children from 4 months & up. We also rent our space for birthday parties where you can take care of everything, or where we can customize it & coordinate from head to toe. We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box to offer all of our clients a one of a kind experience with something for everyone. And if we don’t do it, and you want us to, we want to hear about it!

Our Facility

Our 5150 sq. ft facility offers a wide open space that can be customized as needed for classes or events. We have an area that is always set up for younger kids to safely play and explore with mats of all shapes, bars, gymnastics equipment and fun developmental obstacle courses.

We have a lounge for the parents to relax in with a window looking out into the main space to supervise and/or watch their children. This room also has a full chalkboard wall for the kids to draw on freely!

Our “classroom” is a space  for your children to engage in on of our many more arts and educationally minded programs such as ceramics, art, science & music.